Who we are?

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Corporate Design,
Interaction and Web Design

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Webdesign and Development,


What we offer?

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Our goal is to develop great concepts with you, with the help of our expertise and experience.

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We make your brand and product visible. With a unique look from logo, color to typography.

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We develop coherent cross-platform user experiences with state-of-the-art technologies.

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iOS Development

We create native iOS applications.

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Software Development

Our skill set is not limited to web and apps. We are also familiar with content aggregation and data science.


How we work?

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The design process usually begins with sketches and rough layouts in Keynote, mostly followed by some polishing with Photoshop or Illustrator. Yet, we move into code as soon as possible to see things in action.

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Python and Objective-C are our native languages but we choose the appropriate technologies based on each project.

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Tools we love

We love simple and efficent tools to keep our processes as lean as possible. Therefore we use github, Vim and project management services like Trello.


Talk to us!

If you have great ideas that need support to see the light of day, feel free to contact us. We are eager to bring in our skills and help you realize them.

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Marlene Schufferth

Marlene is a freelance visual and interaction designer that has been working on web and app projects for start-ups and agencies with clients like Red Bull, Carhartt and Ableton.

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Norman Rosner

Norman studied computational linguistics at the University of Potsdam. He already worked in several start-ups where he gained his knowledge of semantic processing of text and content aggregation.

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